PowerGEM Training 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the training at PowerGEM in June 2019. We will be planning additional training sessions at PowerGEM in the future. Please contact us if you have any follow up questions about training.

On-site Training

PowerGEM provides specialized on site training for all of our Power Systems Analysis Software.

Our training is provided by engineers with extensive experience working with large scale production models utilized throughout the United States by Utilities, RTOs, and ISOs. PowerGEM prefers using client data for on site training, or we can provide a sample data set. We believe that using full scale client data provides the most efficient ways to learn software while solving real life problems. Using 75,000 buses LF cases and 500+ contingencies is common during our training. PowerGEM will work with the client to customize training agenda to address the most critical client needs and applications of interest. We conduct multiple on site trainings per year with the typical duration being 2.5 - 4 days.

Short Online Training Sessions

PowerGEM can provide short (a few hours) gotoMeeting/WebEx training sessions focused on a few specific software features. We can focus on any particular application, help troubleshoot specific issues, or we can help to setup specialized analysis.

Please contact us for additional information

Training Videos

PowerGEM provides the following videos to all users who have licensed out software. Please contact us if you have registered PowerGEM software and there are additional topics you would like to see covered